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Full Version: Available Positions
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Cracked Computer Studios is always keeping an eye out for talented individuals who would like to contribute to our development. Our team offers you the perfect opportunity to build an extraordinary portfolio while working on ambitious projects in a friendly environment.

Please note that we cannot accept applications for the following:
  • PR Manager

  • Writer, "Idea Person"

  • Playtester
Make sure you have read our application guidelines before applying!
If you are interested in becoming a valuable and dedicated part of our team,

The positions listed below are currently open:

Level Designer

We are always on the lookout for capable mappers to further develop our Single-Player campaign.


  • Knowing Source SDK's Hammer Editor inside out

  • Ability to craft visually appealing environments

  • Good gameplay planning and layouting skills

  • Mastering all necessary optimization techniques

  • Healthy working relationship within teams, an open mind (within reason)

As an animator, you bring characters and objects to life.


  • Established operating experience with a common 3D animation software

  • Good communication skills, accepting feedback from fellow team members and improving your work based on it

  • Ability to deliver smooth, detailed, authentic movement sequences on request

3D Artist
3D artists design and create 3D models (i.e. props, weapons, characters etc.) at our request.


  • At least one year of modelling experience

  • Ability to create low-poly models with UVW-maps

  • Ability to provide high-poly models for generating normal maps

  • Ownership of suitable modelling software, such as 3Ds Max, Maya, Zbrush etc.